The Fruity Fox Box (12 bottles)

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The Fruity Fox Range was developed as a break away from the more traditional beers that Russ has brewed over the last 13 years. European in style, they are cold fermented and then cold stored for 3 months, allowing the fruits to infuse into the beer.

These beers may be hazy when poured due to the fruit content.


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A 12 bottle case of fruit-flavoured beers.
This selection will include four of each of our fruity varieties.
  • Peach & Mango Crush (330ml, 5%)
    A fruit infused light refreshing beer. Enjoy the Peach & Mango Crush straight from the fridge as a thirst quenching drink.
  • Orange IPA (330ml, 6.5%)
    A Seville orange-infused Belgian-style blonde bierre fermented with our own Red Fox English yeast. The Orange Infused IPA also suits being chilled – enjoy alongside a few nibbles.
  • Minstrel Kriek (330ml, 7%)
    A continental style sour cherry beer with the rich flavours of Belgian malt and Morello cherries.  Minstrel Kriek can be drunk at room temperature or chilled.
Bottles are all 330ml, due to their strength.
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