Seasonal brew 9-Pint Mini-Keg

From: £26.00

Light amber


This is a 9-Pint mini-keg of Red Fox’s seasonal beer, currently Red Fox Pale Ale (4.3%).

A crisp, light amber beer with a fruity aroma from blended European hops.  A traditional English pale ale.

For a quick tutorial video on how to open and use the mini-keg, go here:

For best results and longer lasting beer, close the vent at the top when it starts to slow down – BEFORE it stops hissing – and DO NOT push the tap back into the barrel. This prevents any outside contamination, and makes sure you get the best possible beer right to the bottom of the cask.

As the beer is conditioned in the mini-keg, there will be some conditioning yeast. Allow the keg to stand and settle for an hour before use.

This beer is also available as bottles.

We apologise for the recent slight rise in the price of our mini-kegs, which has become necessary because of the high cost of the packaging.

Tasting Notes

A crisp, light amber beer.